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17 November 2008 @ 03:10 pm
we've been having some issues with lack of compilers and all, so just taking a while to sort it all out. on hiatus for a while.

thanks for your patience!
03 November 2008 @ 11:36 pm
News/Announcements: Non-LJ
btdmods created a Breaking Dawn RPG called Break The Dawn.

News/Announcements: LJ
scarsfangsnews; Scars & Fangs RPG (Post-Twilight RPG) is still looking for members.
twilightfest; fanfiction festiveal is taking prompts.
edwardbella_las; last author standing competition for lovers of the Edward/Bella relationship still looking for sign-ups and prompt suggestions.

Fanfic Drabbles
bluesuzanne wrote Simple (Quil/Claire, G)
golden_horizon wrote Splinters (Rosalie, G)
golden_horizon wrote Secrets (Edward, G)
bluesuzanne wrote The Last Time I (Sam/Leah, PG)
bluesuzanne wrote The Last Time II (Sam/Leah, PG)
elaborationlove wrote The Man and the Boy (Edward/Nahuel, PG-13)
nightr0se wrote Only You (Sam/Leah, PG-13)
nightr0se wrote Power (Lauren, PG-13)
nightr0se wrote To Herself (Renee, PG-13)
nightr0se wrote If Just One (Irina, PG)
nightr0se wrote Untouched (Rosalie/Emmett, PG-13)
elizabeth116 wrote Tell Me (Jasper/Bella, G)
elizabeth116 wrote For Her (Kate/Garrett, G)
elizabeth116 wrote His Reasons (Maggie & Carlisle, G)
bluesuzanne wrote After All I (Carlisle/Rosalie, PG)
bluesuzanne wrote After All II (Carlisle/Rosalie, PG)
bluesuzanne wrote After All III (Carlisle/Rosalie, PG)
bluesuzanne wrote Messes (Tanya, PG)
bluesuzanne wrote The Only Thing (Jacob/Bella, PG)
bluesuzanne wrote This Stuff (Rosalie/Leah, R)
bluesuzanne wrote Destiny II (Rosalie & Alice, G)
bluesuzanne wrote Destiny III (Rosalie & Alice, G)
bluesuzanne wrote Destiny IV (Alice, G)
bluesuzanne wrote Destiny V (Alice, G)
bluesuzanne wrote Destiny VI (Alice, G)

Fanfic One-Shots
persnickety_er wrote You Make It Easy (Emmett/Rosalie, NC-17)
havens wrote (Jacob/Bella, PG-13)
ailingtrees wrote Gravity (Edward/Bella, NC-17)

Fanfic Multi-Chaptered
vampire_envy9 wrote Chapter 4 of How To Fall A Million Different Ways (Edward/Bella, PG-13)
liesandruh wrote Chapter 4 of And We're Slow Dancing (Emmett/Rosalie, M)
gracemac wrote Chapter 16 & Epilogue of Daybreak (Embry/OC, T)
gracemac wrote Chapter 1-3 of Nightfall (Embry/OC, T)
givinglove29 wrote Chapter 13 of Campus Liaisons (All, M)
autumndreamer76 wrote Chapter 5 of Serendipitous: Tampon Staring Nutcase (Edward/Bella, PG-13)
sexycereal wrote Chapter 2 of You Never Get Your Old Skin Back (Bella/Edward, NC-17)
eccentric_chams wrote Chapter 2 of One Night Stand (Edward/Bella, R)

0xnatashax0 made headers.
cerenkara made twilight icons.
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