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Welcome to Twilight Byte! This is a newsletter community for the fandom of Twilight on LJ. It's our goal to produce easy-to-navigate-through posts that provides a simple way for fans to keep up with what's going on, including fandom news, fanfiction, discussions, and art. For now, we'll be posting weekly updates every Sunday, and links will cover anything new in that one-week period. However, as the fandom continues to grow, posts will be made more frequently. We hope you find this useful! :D

A few things to keep in mind:
1. We will not be including links to any icons/graphics/fanfics, etc. that are posted on locked entries or members-only journals. These posts end up restricting the access of the majority of the users, and is aimed at too selective an audience to be included.
2. If we come across an icon or fanfiction post on a community that links not to the entry containing the graphics/writing, but to the author's journal instead, we will not include it in the compilations unless that post is the first post on the author's journal. Please understand that with so many entries to compile every week, it's not possible for us to hunt through journals to find and link the right entry. It doesn't take long for one user to provide a link to their own work, but if we had to do that for everyone, the compilations would never get done.
3. As of May 28th, 2007, twilight_byte will only be including labeled fanfics in the weekly compilations. By "labeled", we mean fics with at least a title, rating, and pairings (if any) - preferably also a summary. We've noticed that some authors tend to promote their fanfics on various communities without giving readers any details as to what the story is about. When we compile the weekly written fics, we try our best to include pairings and ratings in brackets, and if that info isn't given by the author, we have no way of letting the readers know what they're clicking. It doesn't take much time or effort to add on some basic information, so we would greatly appreciate it if fandom writers could include that with their links.

Thank you!

Your Twilight newsletter girls are papered, waveless, thereshedances, interfection, and soveryunlucky.

The following communities are where we go to get the information and links we post here.

breakthetreaty, calmingstrength, camp_edward, cullen_graphix, dawns_song, early_evening, eclipse_prom, edwardrosalie, forksradio, goodtwicons, heroin_blood, topazanddebussy, sangiune, sortofbeautiful, supportpattz, the_temptation, thosetopazeyes_, tm_switzerland, tua_cantante, twilight_100, twilight100, twilight20, twilight_adult, twilight_arcs, twilight_book, twilight_daily, twilight_fics, twilight_film, twilight_news, twilight_series, twilight_slash, twilight_tables, twilightathon, twilightawry, twilightfans, twilightmanips, twilightsongfic, bettingonblack

As the amount of Twilight communities increase there will most likely be more communities added to this list. Our watch journal is over at silvervolvos.


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